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Planning, Course content & Schedule

Session NumberPlan/ ContentYour work, your remit for THIS session
1– Intro S4 objectives & assessment  
– “Training” to speak! video/audio 1
Guidelines for Sports News
Sports & Linguistics 
Invictus, part 1
2– Invictus part 2
SWOT analysis of the Invictus Product/Event
-> For session 5: please do a SWOT analysis of the Invictus Games as a non-profit making organisation (that still operates as a business though…) – This is part of your assessment
-> Quick research (10min) – what type of physical disabilities, injuries or wounds do the veterans suffer from? 
The Invictus Games: a challenge for ergonomics

3 /4– End of “The Invictus Games: a challenge for ergonomics”
– “Training” to speak! video/audio 2
– Guidelines for Sports Legends
– Ergonomics : defining a problem, analysing the situation, proposing solutions
1 – describing common pains and injuries
2 – describing and analysing the problem
3 – proposing solutions
– Please send your audio 1
– Text (on Stevin Creegan) questions must be answered

53 – proposing solutions (End)

Sports News
Sports legends: what have they become

Prep work for sports news &
Prep work for sports legends must be ready for this session.

Please send your audio 2
– Please submit your SWOT analysis for the Invitus Games today